Do you know all the possibilities of using gas struts?

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July 16, 2021
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Do you know all the possibilities of using gas struts?

You may know how to use them in your field of operation. You also know that they will come in handy during household chores in the garage or in the safe opening of windows. What other uses of struts do you know about? We will introduce you to how this initially slow discovery of gas struts can already be used almost anywhere.

Gas struts – unused triumph of the 19th century

Two centuries have passed since the French engineer Paul Giffard came up with the idea of inserting a rod into a closed cylinder. The gas strut patent saw the light of the world in the US as early as 1875. This unique discovery, in which only the strut’s pressure changes, and not the construction, initially did not allow the struts to be developed in the industry.

Automobile factories first realized the “power” of gas strutsAlthough the invention was around by the 20th century, the technology was not developed enough to be able to utilize gas struts in series production. Thus in the second half of the 20th century, the first European and American companies started to produce struts for the purpose of the transfer to production.

Automobile factories were the first to understand the benefits of gas struts, and started to introduce them to the front and rear hoods of cars. Today, virtually every car includes a gas strut that protects you from releasing the hood of the car when repairing something or removing things from the trunk. Its replacement is better left to professionals, but with a dose of skill you can do it safely and by yourself.

Interior and exterior. It helps even where you wouldn’t expect it

In addition to cars, there are countless opportunities to utilize gas struts. Of course, all modes of transport are permissible. If you imagine how easily you open the hood of your car each time, you’ll understand that the purpose of using gas struts is not strictly categorized. If you are a handyman, you will find their application when opening a cesspool, garden boxes, at the entrance to the cellar, or the attic.

Any type of opening suitable for a gas strut

Gas struts can be found in every room of your home. In the bedroom they’re fitted on the bed or storage space, in the kitchen in the counter, and in the living room on the computer table.

Why not in front of a shopping center?

Advertising, billboards, city lights must be manually exchanged every time. There are a lot of them in the city, and their exchange is not exactly the most comfortable work. However, to facilitate this work, namely so that one doesn’t have to support the “ad cover” by head or wood, this industry also uses gas struts. In front of a shopping center or anywhere else – Gas Struts dominated almost everything.

What other potential uses do you know?

Our customer is our king – this is what we follow, and therefore we love to get inspired from you, if you have any other tips for the use of gas struts. Perhaps you can come up with something we didn’t mention at all, and thus you’ll not only help us, but also other people whose life was made easier and company operation streamlined thanks to gas struts. Have you thought of any other possibilities for their use?