7 types of machinery and equipment with gas strut

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July 14, 2021
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July 16, 2021
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7 types of machinery and equipment with gas strut

A tractor, excavator or printer? The potential of gas struts in machinery and equipment is far more extensive. Where else can you come across them?

1. Pallet trucks

Gas struts make it easy to run hundreds of different types of machinery and equipment, and they also protect against injury and strain due to heavy loads. Higher hygiene requirements are placed on the construction of pallet trucks in the pharmaceutical or food industries – they should be made of high quality stainless steel to resist corrosion.

These conditions should also be met by their components, such as gas struts. Struts, located on the frame of the truck, facilitate either the manual or electric control and prevent uncontrolled impact when breaking.

2. Hospital beds, armchairs and loungers

Healthcare applies sanitary standards, which include material and the equipment of health facilities. Since the struts can be found on hospital beds, portable chairs for patients, in bed or lockers for medicinal products, they must be of high quality and safe material. They enable patients to conveniently lift their feet in the chair, lean their head on the bed, but also increase the service life of the equipment. They save money and personnel demands in hospitals and private clinics.

3. Tractors, harvesters, excavators, cranes

Just look at the fields during harvest time, where you can find gas struts in each machine – in tractors, harvesters, excavators and cranes. Struts support the roof windows for farmers at a time of high heat, helping them to endure extreme sweltering.

4. Machines for printing t-shirts, stickers and bags

Thanks to printing machines we have different images or designs on shirts, jackets, and also on bags or stickers. To also enable women to manage manual handling and prevent the machine from burdening the environment with noise, gas struts are assembled into them. Do you like this elegant design of a printing machine with a gas strut?

5. Selling booths

If you have a portable booth on wheels, you would most certainly welcome all the simplification of the daily work you can get. Try the gas strut in the selling booth.

6. Fitness equipment

Instead of a classic gym, more and more people are trying to bring a fitness center into their own home. This is a great opportunity for companies selling fitness equipment. What is even more important, equipment for domestic use should occupy as little space as possible and be easy to handle. Thanks to the struts, a treadmill is easy to open and after completing the exercise, even a woman can fold it easily. It doesn’t take up much space, making it ideal for placement in the living room.

7. Advertising boards and information showcases

Advertising and flow of information are flying to us from every direction. Cities and municipalities have space to accommodate marketing and information materials that are regularly exchanged. Simplify the work of those who are doing it. With gas struts, the trouble with the holding of heavy glass showcases during sticking disappears.